You’re a creative professional (or amateur…what do I care?) on a budget. You need high-quality resources to get your work done. We’re here to help.
At Supermega, we’re devoted to bringing you the widest variety of useful, free, no-attribution required resources from all over the internet. CC0, public domain, or other licenses, but all that allow you to use the resources without having to credit the site or author. However, attribution is almost always appreciated.

Take a look through the list below and see what’s available.

1 Million Free Pictures, a little hyperbole never killed anyone. It is, as advertised, an "alternative source for free pictures"
55mm, smallish collection
A Digital Dreamer>1k images of all sorts.
ABSFreePic guys seem to have a search-intensive approach to their collection, which should prove valuable in day-to-day work.
Aiconica forward, clean icon collection
Alana.io"Create your canvas" Not sure what that means...
All-Free-Download Domain Videos
Altophotos family-owned, these folks are aiming to make their photos easily searchable as well as high-quality. Good on you!
Altphotos 2k photos
Anariel Design packs of CC0 photos lovingly shared with you. Just you.
Ancestry Images old (very old) maps. And pigeon pie. Actually, quite an interesting selection
Ashinari - Japanese Style Material"It is possible to use it as a photographic material on every medium, such as Web, paper, movies and others. We also update 365 days a day!"
Audionautix (music)Odd site with bad graphics. Nice collection of tunes, though.
Avopix of stuff, but be careful of the licensing
Bara-Art"The world always needs high quality photography! Here they are for you, so make something awesome out of them!"
Barn Images really stand apart from other sites. Beautiful shots that don't look like everyone else's
BEIZ Graphics site with textures and scenery
Ben Cloward set of different textures for use in various projects. Ben makes them #CC0, but would like to know if you use them
Better Photos CC0. New site, I'm excited to see how it grows
BioPortal drawings
Bitpine sure how unique their offerings are. Remember to include CC0 in your search there, and/or check the license.
Bossfight name, great pics, CC0
Bucketlistly travel pix from all over
Burningwell of old-school, with amateur-quality pics, for the most part, but where else are you going to find a picture of a gumnut cap?
Burst selection of shots for your free use
CC0 Fotos 1k unique photos
CC0 Photo straight-forward, it's just what the name suggests. Not in English, but you can sort it out.
CC0.CN site with a large collection of seemingly original pix. A Tineye search on several images turned up only this site
Cepolina"Free photos about travel and nature"
Cheap Stock Image Free Collection is just that. "With all the Love in this world, all our free photos are completely free to use." CC0
ClipCanvas Fottage section is quite generous. I don't believe there is attribution required
Copyright Free Photos, exactly what it sounds like. All CC0
Coverr clips!
Cupcake posting seems to have stopped about a year or so ago, there are a number of lovely shots here, free to use!
Davalign shots from around the globe
dddeadleafff site! Seems to be offerings by the site's author, which is always nice. Great, unique close-ups, and more.
Death to Stock photos, constantly growing
Designer's Pics shots by the site author himself. Lovely close-ups.
Digital Comic Museum of comic books in the public domain. Perfect for...well, for when you need comics...
Dipixio (no background) images of all sorts. You can request an image as well!
Doing Stock CC0...seems like a large collection
Dreamstime nice free, CC0 offerings
DrStockPhoto, tag-based search mechanism, which may actually prove useful if you figure it out. Oh, and they have tons of nice pix.
Epicantus photo tumblr, small collection
Epicva offering. Clean, crisp style
Fancycrave, anti-cheesy photos
FFCU For Commercial Use
Focus Fitness free fitness, weight loss, and food photos
Fontplay collection, not updated, but some gems can be found there
Foodie Factor photography, all generously CC0
FoodiesFeed is gonna make you hungry. FoodiesFeed has tons of gorgeousfood shots, all of which are CC0. There's a delay in downloading them, faster if you sign up, and gone altogether if you buy the whole pack of shots.
Foodshot food-photo site, curated from across the web
Free Drone Videos videos for your use. Growing library
Free HD Footage"It's free...enjoy!"
Free HD Stock Video group run by Phil Fried. Thanks Phil!
Free Historical Stock Photos historical images
Free Image Bank collection
Free Music Archive (music)Nice collection of tunes
Free Nature Stock daily with gorgeous shots of nature
Free Stock Image Point's site. CC0, and 20 new pix per month.
Free Stock Photos in advertising here. All CC0, and each image seems to have a somewhat humorous backstory.
Freeepy to give photos a second chance.
Freeimages site with, according to them, over 390k images. No attribution for commercial use, but the license seem to get a bit tricky
Free-Images name...wonder what the have there?
Free-Images.cc of the good CC0 stuff
FreeImages.red categories of CC0 images
Freejpg stock Photos for Commercial and Editorial Use
FreeMedia Goo generous soul gives away images, CC0
FreePD (music)Carefully curated site by a musician. Great collection!
FreeQration"All images of FreeQration are free for personal and commercial use. You may download, modify, distribute and use whatever you want"
Freerange"Great Photos. Totally Free"
Freesound (other)While there is some music on this site, it's mostly focused on loops and effects.
Freestocks.org attribution required.
Freetouse request for attribution.
Freeuse "image directory", whatever they mean by that. Possibly pulling from many sites. No attribution
FuriousCamera regional shots, and a cool meta-search engine for free pix
Get Refe Tumblr site.
GiveMeFreeArt set of background vids and Youtube intros
Glyphsco "Premium" icons require attribution, but there's a good handful that don't. Also, a selection of CC0 photos are there.
Good Free Photos collection, all Public Domain
Good Stock Photos"Everyday, I’ll offer a new photo for free for you to use. That’s it, no strings attached." - Thanks, Steven!
Good Stuff No Nonsense selection, but great quality icons
Gotsound (Other)Very large selection of sound effects. Make sure to specify CC0 license when searching
Graphic Burger, backgrounds, textures, mock-ups and more. Great stuff! All slated for no-attribution required.
Gratisography, cool and high-quality
HD Wallpapers enough for desktop wallpaper, and stunning images. CC0
Hign Resolution Textures collection of textures and such
HiResStock collection, quite useful
I ♥ Graubünden site with tons of Public Domain photos
Iconfinder sure to tweak the filters for no link back
Iconmonstr thousand icons, similar to aiconica
ifreestock"Discover the best free images for your project."
IgniteMotion collection, no credit necessary
Image After navigation, but no-attribution images
imagebase to be Dave's Free Photos. All CC0
ISO Republic attribution required
Ivorymix have to sign up, and it seems a bit gimmicky, but the images also seem nice.
Iwaria specific, but these seem to be no attribution images
Jay Mantri taken by the site's author, so most likely unique
Jeshoots CC0 photos all the time
Joshua Hibbert photos taken by the site's author. There's just something about that I love...
Kaboom Pics collection, lovely search engine and nice color search. Very cool.
Kenney - Audio (other)Free audio for games, or whatever you want to use it for
Kenney - Graphics assets of various types
Library of Congress photos and graphics are mixed together here, I've listed it in both categories.
Library of Congress : collection, hard to sift through, but some real gems.
Libreshot origin "One author" Nice promo copy! This is the photo author's site.
Librivox (other)Incredible collection of audio books! All donated to the pubic domain, because that's how cool they are.
Life of Pix stated, but I think attribution is not required, much like Life of Vids
Life of Vids attribution required, but they would appreciate it
Light Painters Loft founded The Light Painters Loft in 2015 mainly in order to make use of all of those unused photographs that she collected over time in her life and that slowly piled up on her hard drive. Now we can use them. Thanks, Sabrina!
Little Cloud Cinema collection, but all CC0
Little Visuals genersosity, a sad story and 13 sets of beautiful imagery. Thanks, Nic.
Looking Glass free stock photos. All original in-house pics. Use them any way you like. No attribution required. New photos every month.
Magdeleine section of the site (linked here) is all CC0, and quite lovely
MAGMA domain scalable vector graphic / almost daily. Cool, sometimes trippy, visuals.
Marble Pics, regularly updated
Max Pixel collection, many unique
Mazwai, lovely collection of different videos, all free.
Midnight Cassette System (music)What a bizarre concept! Read the details on his site.
MMT images each week.
Moni's Photos, Moni!
Monzoom background vids, lower thirds and more in the Freebies section
Mophoto, hip, no attribution
Morguefile you alter the image, you do not need to credit them
Motion Elements free videos, audio and after-effects each week. Nice to have in your hip-pocket
Moveast"This is a journey of a Portuguese guy moving that decided that every photo should be used for free. Help yourselves and use them wherever you want (CC0)"
Musopen (music)Lots of classical music, and sheet music as well! For the recordings, make sure to look for the CC0 and/or PD license for each one you want to download
My public domain pictures, if they're in the Public Domain, then they're not really YOURS, are they? Thanks for the pix, Toper!
My Stock Photos selection
Mypixa"Browse over 6700+ Free Stock Photos under the License of CC0. "
NASA! Space! Public Domain! Video and audio, as well.
National Park Service bag of mostly PD videos
National Park Service selection, mixed bag of usability
National Park Service (other)A lot of spoken word, but also some nice nature sounds like the Louisiana Waterthrush's song, which is quite pretty!
Negative Space shots, but I'm not sure how much is a duplicate of other sites yet
New Old Stock for that vintage feel? They've got you covered!
Nomad Pictures collection of images. They seem to have a video site, too, but I can't get it to work...
Obj Photos little over 200 photos of kitchen utensils and such, but it's such an endearing example of engrish that I can't help loving it!
Old Book Illustrations stuff from the classics. Public domain.
Oneleftmedia"No copyright restrictions. No nonsense." A good double handful of beautiful photo-packs
Open Game Art - Graphics for game building.
Open Game Art - Music (music)Music designed for games.
Open Game Art - Sound Effects (other)Tons of sound effects
Pakutaso site offering no attribution free images
Partners In Rhyme (Other)Great batch of sound effects
Pattern Pictures and textures. Water, wood, concrete...nice collection!
PD Posters, vintage posters. Some quite amusing
PDPhotos think PD means Public Domain. Of course it COULD mean Press Daily or something
PDPics Domain images
Peakpx polar bear!
Pexels quality shots, good search engine.
Pexels Videos videos
Photo Collections Public Domain
Photo Crops"Free media to use any way you choose."
Photo Stock Editor's of dolls and clothes in closets
Photogen, Texturegen and Totally Free Stock Photos all seem to be related. Hopefully it will all get rolled up into one thing.
PhotoRack navigation, but thousands of no-attribution needed pix
Photos Public Domain"Our photographs have all been released into the public domain, which means you can use them for any purpose."
Phototeria is beautiful. Don't miss anything. CC0 pix
Picdrome"A growing Public Domain digital photography collection"
PicJumbo still need to look at this one more carefully
Pickle Jar jaris gorgeous high-resolution images of everyday India, completely free to use for anything.
Pickup Image and illustrations, all CC0
Pickup Image"Pickupimage is the largest collections of free photographs." Hmmm...not sure about THAT, but there are a bunch of free pics here
PicNoi site, beautiful layout! Focused on photos of persons of color, which is sadly lacking in CC0 offerings.
Picography"Free images to use however you like."
Pixabay search engine, but the quality of some of the assets gets odd after the first set of results
Pixnio by keyword or color
Playzeta't seem unique, but it does credit the image authors, so that's cool.
Polarfox selection
Pond5, there's a variety of offerings here, but you'll have to sign up to see the free stuff. All public domain
Public Domain Archive looking site with a good search and well-tagged. Not really sure where the images come from, though. Perhaps just snagging them from other sites like Unsplash?
Public Domain Vectors of vector images. Not all are good.
Rawpixel community of photographers making for a great selection. They also have collections" that are quite nice and useful.
Realistic Shots new shots a week, all CC0
Reddit FreeStockPhotos CC0, but no search to speak of
Reusable Art"a collection of copyright free images chosen for crafters by a crafter."
RGB Stock collection of photos. Registration is required to download
Rich & Wild, small collection. Subscribe for pix sent on a regular basis
Rightlight like these are a loss-leader to entice the purchase of WP themes. Thanks!
Room site, no attribution
Scatter Jar food shots, no attribution required
Shot Stash attribution required
Shotstash"No royalties, no fees, no worries. Enjoy !"
Shutteroo pix, and you can sign up for home delivery. Er, email.
Skitterphoto collection! Clearly CC0
Slon set up, you have to "shop" for pix, but it's all free and CC0
Snappy Goat collection of images! Easy search and a the results are simple to access. Bravo!
Snapwire Snaps CC0, well marked. 7 new snaps a week
Soul Photos"My view of things shall be yours for free. Free photos that you can use for your needs."
Sozai-Free"Credit unnecessary for site name such as author's display" (We are happy if you can make a link at the time of using on the homepage ...) " . Please use as free material freely.
SpaceX has a Flickr account, and it's all public domain
Splashbase of pix. Videos, too, but they seem to not be CC0, sadly
Splitshire"Mission: Helping you to be awesome out there with great content." C'mon. How cool is THAT?
Startup Stock Photos, exactly what the title implies. CC0
Stock Footage for Free for paid site, but not bad
Stock Photos 4 Free
Stock-Free Photos
Stockified site based in India
Stockmile cool shots, all CC0 in the "freebies" section
StockSnap of high resolution images added weekly. Free from copyright restrictions.
Stokpic packs promised, all CC0
Streetwill vintage photos to use any way you want
Superfamous to be their leftovers, but some tasty treats
Texture King like Spatula City, this is definitely a niche site, but great stuff, nonetheless
Texturegen, Texturegen and Totally Free Stock Photos all seem to be related. Hopefully it will all get rolled up into one thing.
Texturez images and more from Eva & Tom. Thanks!
The British Library account. Old photos, line drawings, etching, etc
The Met Metropolitan Museum of Art has released about 4 tons of images into the public domain. Have fun!
The NOAA Photo Library's collection of pix, all public domain
The Pic Pac what you want, use how you like
The Secret Museum of Mankind old copies of National Geographic, except it takes up less space
Titania Foto site with a nice collection of unique photos
Toper's Photos"Topers Photos is a collection of 100% free edited photos. "
Totally Free Stock Photos, Texturegen and Totally Free Stock Photos all seem to be related. Hopefully it will all get rolled up into one thing.
Travel Coffee Book shots from all over
Trunklog collection of interesting shots
Turbophoto too exciting, but free
Unprofound invisible, Jim hosts this site as a labor of love. Not to be missed if you're tired of the same old look and feel of stock sites.
Unrestricted they have some photos and such, it seems to be heavy on the vector assets
Unsplash photos, CC0 license, more added all the time
Upicm"Spice Up your Website Blog & Social Pages with Totally Free Pics. No Attribution Required."
Veipix - Videos handful of stock vids, all CC0. Also, a small collection of photos and graphics
Videvo for topic and filter by "Videvo Standard License" for no-attribution vids
Vidlery's a nice twist, free videos, but they're all animations! Kind of cool, I'd love to see them used in the wild.
Viintage resource for retro images, or sublime time-killer? You b the judge!
Vintage Stock Photos, retro shots! What a treasure chest!
VisualHunt aggregation. Not all are CC0, so check license
We Function packs of CC0 photos
Wowa (music)Soundcloud-based, small colection
Yeah! Stock Photos of my favorite site names, and nice, unique shots
Zapsplat (Other)Good collection of sound effects
Zikkin not all of the offerings at Zikkin are CC0, it's easy to filter out those that aren't. Nice, bright, clean shots.
Stockergy images. Easily filtered by CC0 & Public Domain
Getty that Getty has released into the public domain
Lebensmittelfotos are no-attribution required, unless marked otherwise