Welcome to Supermega! Here’s what we have on tap for you today:

  • THE LIST This is what you came here for in the first place. Our ever-growing list of sites offering free, no-attribution required photos, music, videos and more. Click THE LIST and start finding the resources you need to create!
  •  THE BLOG Links to it all; Reviews, tutorials, Short Takes, random outbursts, giveaways, contests, elixirs of life…you know, the usual.
  •  SHORT TAKES These are links to either single files, or very small offerings of files that were too good to not list, but aren’t hefty enough to make it to THE LIST. There’s sure to be some nice gems here!
  • TUTORIALS Great. Now I have all this free stuff. Now what? We’ll help you put all that stuff to use in creating your masterpiece.
  •  ABOUT Who we are, why we’re doing this, where this is going and what our favorite color is.